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    March 20, 2013
    10:30 - 11:00pm PDT  

by the prior speaker. i think i really want to express some really innovative approaches that the american way has taken on the small business inclusion piece. as referenced earlier, the ac business connection site of people trying to keep their aye on these business he. many being local businesses. as we described earlier in the meeting, some of the issues put to the regular processes this not being a public works or something similar. we definitely better work with hit, with the event going forward, the previous speaker said it calls for a [speaker not understood] to be delivered in may of 2012. we didn't have a contract at that point. one way we can get ahead of that, we can work to post a
clearer description of their procurement needs. there are sort of thing we'll need to work with in terms of their confidentiality and proprietary information. and, so, as you heard mr. barkley mentioned, i think they are open to us to coming to their offices and reviewing the actual documents to understand what has been done, what hasn't been done. certainly for the purposes of transparency, i would welcome the opportunity to take them up on that offer and be able to point out on a going forward basis how the performance is going. >> what i see as the biggest problems, we put these standards in place. and it's our economic workforce development department that is not actually able to followedth letter of the law. we put the authority in a situation where they're telling us, hey, we're doing everything we're supposed to be doing, i'm just not informed of all this happening. we believe there is a such a great deal of adobe receipts and i've asked that we actually
have a measurable way of affirming that and we are living up to that to show we are actually specifically looking at a specific number of jobs, that we're actually following the letter of the law in a measurable way. that i believe is responsible for the workforce of economic development, if not, that happened. >> supervisor, i think we were working through a number of issues to get to last year's events. i would add the workforce plan doesn't talk about reporting out on all jobs. it talks about good faith efforts and about showing what the city and the event authority are working together to do to bring these job opportunities to san francisco. i'm hearing loud and clear we want some measurable [speaker not understood] of that. i push back on the implication we are not trying to bring forward this part of the project in a successful way. >> i think you're looking forward to put on the event in a successful way whether you
want to actually have a measurable outcome of jobs and unusual exclusion, that is not a strong priority. in the future i this will be. thank you. let's go on to our fund-raising effort. if we can call up -- actually, we'd like to see if we can open up for public comment just on the workforce side. we have a lot of people that have been waiting here patiently to talk about that. so, if we could actually -- if it's okay with the chair to open up public comment on the workforce small business conclusion and prevailing wage side. i have a number of cards.
perhaps that's checked off item number 4. marcus clark, marilyn cain, chris marino, douglas home, [speaker not understood] and we'll stop right there. and anyone else who wants to talk about this side of the hearing on workforce small business inclusion, please come to the mic. good morning, my name is [speaker not understood] lee. i am one of the owners of the company called green living planet. green living planet is a janitorial company based in san francisco started in 2011. it's a very small business. [speaker not understood] america's cup a year now.
america's cup has been a great income resource for us. a a company in san francisco, we feel proud of this internationally known event. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good morning, supervisors. my name is douglas h-o-m-e. i'm a partner with lock ton insurance [speaker not understood] in san francisco. we employ 70 people at our office in embarcadaro. we have our insurance for america's cup authority and three of the america's cup teams. i wanted to speak to you this morning about the ~ financial and employment impact with the america's cup event authority has had on us so far and going forward. so,v we have three people that are all local employees live in
san francisco that work correctly on america's cup business every day. and the business that we have, we place with insurance companies in san francisco, four different companies. and i know that they have staffed up to take this business, too. i have other clients on the waterfront that benefit greatly from the america cup and what aca, they purchased another yvesal -- vessel they're bringing around for tourists. i know all of their employees will be local hired and both the crew of the vessel and the service people will all be local hire. ~ finally knowing a lot about the
america's cup and seeing what has happened in previous america's cup, in perth australia, auckland, new zealand, spain, i see how this has extractionv expired this city to greater [speaker not understood]. all these racing boats sailing in the bay, the tower, the golden gate bridge -- >> thank you, your comments are up. >> we have to allow time for everyone else. we usually cut people off when the time comes. next speaker, please. good morning. my name is christine caplan and i operate gas house cove marina. i provide fuel for the san francisco police department, fire department, united states
coast guard, department of fish and game, recreational fishing boats. and pleasure boats. thanks to the forward thinking of the city of san francisco now to the 24th america's cup event authority, i was stuck in traffic yesterday and listening to npr when supervisor avalos came on the radio. i said, i need to call this man because he needs to get a true picture of what is happening to small business. specifically, the marine industry and those of us that have any sort of enterprise from chrisy field all the way down to 2 80. i am the textbook case of small business. ~ i am a woman-owned enterprise. i am a certified vendor to the city of san francisco. i have doubled my workforce. we have doubled the number of employees that we had 12 months ago. this is not because fishing and
crabing have gotten better. this is not because anything on the waterfront has improved. this is 100% because of this event which we are so lucky to be hosting. the team art mist the [speaker not understood] they're all here and all functioning and the city is to be commended for hosting this event. it will be a success. we will meet all of our goals and i am textbook ka to prove that. >> thank you. next speaker, please? good morning. my name is janet again. i am the own r of a women's local catering and this gives you a scope of how [speaker not understood] the america's cup has affected our business on a going forward basis.
we hired 16 people [speaker not understood]. was not involved in the cup when the pier releases was issued. since then we have gotten involved with business connect. we have worked with oracle racing to see [speaker not understood], we're working with other racing teams and possibly hosting their hospitality events. that's just one aspect of it. also on the corporate side our corporate clients are all looking at doing large events to celebrate the events coming up as well as social clients that have great views and have great views to see the space. it protects not only our business, but what goes well with staff. we have laundry people, the convaerv [speaker not
understood] around alliance, we can go on and on. we understand some of the larger rfps have to be done by the very large food service groups, but the ancillary staff, the vip activities are coming our way and we're really excited about it. and thank you for the opportunity. >> thank you. next speaker, please. thank you. good afternoon, almost supervisors. i'm norman pierce. i serve on the san francisco bay for more than 50 years. i'm a past commenter [speaker not understood]. i've been in this body over my life supporting the america's cup. we are delving down our efforts to make this the most successful thing in san francisco. the presence of t-mobile on our waterfront has been enormous compared to any recent events over the past 75 years. we have a new cruise terminal,
piers 23, 7 80, has been reactivated for more part. passing by our and we ask, what is this? [speaker not understood]. recreational maritime, america's cup has set the course. the city that knows how has a new wing and needs to take -- learn how to get up and foil into the future of maritime history. just last month maserati broke the record for going around the horn in new york city. what does this mean to our residents? aside from being a san franciscan, it has brought an exciting challenge for our youth, the ac 45 program. the ac has broadened the awareness of our population. there is access for water
events. the last two months generated interests from sailing here on the base. attendance of events baffled local retailers. coming retailers across the golden gate bridge. [speaker not understood]. many customers are from around the world. when they say america's cup ha been here, i don't swap to back. >> thank you. next speaker, please. good afternoon, supervisors. my name is jamie, i'm a small business owner, [speaker not understood] special valet parking in san francisco. america's cup has been a boom for our business special last year and look forward to a busy three months this year. we have benefited from our work, not only aic, but other clients in their event associated with the america's cup. a majority of our workers live
in san francisco and san francisco feel an economic benefit from how we receive benefit of america's cup. it circulates of our employee and improved relationships. it has had a pxtive effect on torrey valet >> thank you. good afternoon. next speaker. my name is rex white, [speaker not understood], we have two retail stores and we specialize in servicing small and medium size businesses. we sell ink and toner print consumables. ~ we have five employees, four of them reside here in san francisco. our annual gross revenues are registered over 500,000. america's cup has been our customer since 2011. they purchased about $23,000 worth of products from us. they're one of our top 10 customers. we value their business thank you very much. >> thank you very much.
next speaker, please. hi, i'm marcus clark and i do want to speak to this particular group. i'm with first [speaker not understood] maintenance company, a family business. i like to think of the america's cup as people from janitorial service. they actually gave us a chance to be -- first we started off just doing offices. then we started and did -- the small event, then a second small event, then we presented ourselves with the team to go after the [speaker not understood]. it was very informative, supervisors. and i plan to use the first source so we'll contact them immediately. we found out they were going to get the larger part of the contract. we'd like to start off the process very good. so, again, i really appreciate what america's cup has given us the opportunity to do. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker.
thank you, mr. avalos, for convening this. thank you, supervisors. i'm owen murphy. i like craft. we're the people that are very, very conversant with private entities coming to the city at moscone center and other venues to put up trade shows. we anticipate hopefully this would be the case in america's cup and so far i can say it's been a great disappointment. as we speak, if you go down to the piers right now, there are banners proclaiming the america's cup. we are the signage display union. that is what we do. if you see the banners on moscone, we put them up. we had great difficulty streamlining the process so our contractors can get involve in the project, see the plan and understand. we have had one company that has told us that they were in line for a contract with a construction of what look like
in a rendition here, you can go to the slide, the front part of this is kiosks and signage. that company is in alameda. that business is gone away. we don't know who is going to build it, we don't know who is going to install t. can you give us a streamline clearchannel so we can tell our contractors to how to go forward in the next few months. all of those on the pier, right now we have an interest in our contractors saying who did the work? i don't know. >> thank you. next speaker, please. good afternoon, supervisors. my name is jackie phlegm. i am the executive director of the [speaker not understood] and i'm here because i am very concerned about the wages, the back wages we've seen in the presentation today. although i'm not surprised. last summer i was here joined by many of my colleagues bringing to attention the fact there was a tone of resistance on behalf of the authority
tomorrow present an award plan, instead of them wanting to use good faith language which we knew did you work l i'm pleased to hear about the plan to address issues, even minimum wages. i do want to remind many ~ everyone here it's about the names and faces of people. these aren't just numbers. they deserve to be paid fairly at the time of work. i'm happy to see the city continuing to monitor the project. identify issues and make plans to address the wage issues from happening again. ~ and i just wanted to note there are successful private projects in the city that have voluntary compliance with city's local hiring ordinance provisions. they're able to meet and exceed their expectations.
thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker. , please. good afternoon, my name is marilyn cain and my husband and i are the owners of wash 1 and landmark laundry services. we have been providing services for america's cup. we washed every banner and flag before they were shipped to italy. because of america's cup, we hired two more employees and everyone in our group is so proud and honored to be part of such an amazing event. and we thank them for the opportunity to grow our business. >> thank you. good afternoon, supervisors, and hello local businesses. i'm actually chris marno and i'm with laundry locker here in the city. we have grown actually to about 36 employees now, triple the size.
most of the families in the city are san francisco family. we've been able to give additional dry cleaning and laundry for them in addition to her company as well. so, we worked closely to actually monitor what items would be cleaned, worked through how we would do deliveries and whatnot. it's very important to me that the business that we do stay competitive in the city and that we are giving local businesses and local city a first opportunity to work with any organization that comes into the city. i'm appreciative we're given this chance, keeping ourselves competitive as an industry. you know, focusing on livable wage. i know there's been a lot of
talk about that. we're a dry cleaners, we offer health insurance and 401(k) for our employees. the other thing i want to ask going forward, any opportunities that can drive more business or drive new employment that we do take advantage of that. thank you. >> thank you. please come forward, next speaker. good afternoon, supervisors. james widen, marketing manager for [speaker not understood]. we are obviously a very local company and had a very [speaker not understood]. look forward to working with them, exposure in 2013. we've been working hand in hand with them to do outreach, both international media and tour groups, also national groups to get more travel trade and people to attend the events and add to the experience. in addition to working with them with groups like san francisco travel association and pier 39 to increase the
outreach and awareness of the events that are going on, to increase attendance in these events to hopefully help all of these businesses have more effect by this event. we understand the importance of large events like this, that's why we're happy to be partnering with america's cup to make sure that is good and make sure of the companies that support it. >> thank you very much. next speaker. good morning, supervisors. eddie [speaker not understood] defense project. nonprofit specialize workforce development and community reinvest. a lot of commitments were made with this project, but yet we're still hearing a lot of open-ended answers. what is being done on the construction side? where are the prevailing wages themselves? instead we're finding out there is a lack of data about local employment opportunities available. we are also finding out that there is not enough
notification going on of local employment opportunities. the authority indicates why local hiring is key. local families, mothers and daughters in [speaker not understood], when they are offered there is follow through. that is why your questions today are incredibly important. largely good faith efforts are not simply good enough. [speaker not understood]. that is why again enforcement of local hire policies are actually key that is [speaker not understood] that are brought to cities like this to make sure there is community reinvest. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. josh [speaker not understood]. thank you, supervisor avalos. this is a conversation you kick started in august i think, 201 1. it's like yoga bear, the basketball player, it's deja vu
all over again. i think it's great. that's obviously great. what we're focused on is there was zero compliance for the hundreds of construction jobs, temporary, permanent, no local hire, no prentiss ship, less than minimum wage in some instances. contracts in other jobs. we all lost last time and we can't lose again, supervisors. i appreciate director levitt, you did an amazing job. americas' cup is going to have to pay these penalties. if not, please, mr. levitt, let us know. you built it whackv [speaker not understood]. otherwise we're going to have to make it mandatory. you remember how fun that was, controller and all of us. ~ back i think that's what happened. we had a policy that everyone
ignored. it's happening again. it's the same thing. this thing was a deal as of march. it was a year ago. we were all here. it's all the same faces. it's like one happy family, i guess you might say. but the thing i appreciate is supervisor farrell said what's next. what are we going to do. look, community lost. labor lost, these are all union jobs from the temporary signage that local 510 does with community apprentices, local apprentices, carpenters work, the staging, it's got to be fixed . we've got to see the transparency. the city can do its job with the cdos. i expect we're all going to come together and introduce this legislation in 30 days. bad labor standard, no, thanks very much. >> next speaker, please. >> >> good morning, supervisor, i'm from the [speaker not
understood]. hey, look, let's be real. supervisor avalos, when you started this opportunity, it was an opportunity. i met with a group of young men and women this morning, some 35 folks sitting in the [speaker not understood] warehouse looking at jobs. i don't see one opportunity for those men and women from the bayview, from areas that are low-income. i see a lot of small businesses and, you know what, i applaud that, that's great. but it doesn't seem that every time i pass the estuary and i see the big oil ship or whatever that thing is, sailboat that's not on the water, i ask myself, how could
oracle be so close to the community and yet be so far from the community? we have to ask ourselves, you know, yes, this is a great opportunity. this is something we should all be cherishing as a jewel for our city. but no, we have not done the outreach. no, we have not, you know, pulled in our community, our labor folks. you know, ms. levitt and the folks here have put together a report that is scathing to say the lotv. -- least. i ask these supervisors to take the initiative to do something about this. and i agree with everybody on the end of this. so, we seen happened so, where do we go from here. hopefully it will be a congenial coming of a family and fa that hev includes the whole city. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. before the next speaker, i will
call some other names and folks can come up. if your name has already been called and you've spoken, please ignore. also if people want to talk about the fund-raising side, we have space for that as well. norman pierce, ashe williams. kevin elliott, marcus clark, christine caplan, janet weisberg, manuel flores, lynn fitzpatrick, fernando castillo and owen murphy. good afternoon, supervisors. my name is [speaker not understood] with local laborer [speaker not understood]. i'm here to support local wage, local hire. we are all that. more has to be done to make sure that the violations don't happen again. please support that. thank you.
♪ if you were a carpenter and you city had some budget crazy, would you then them in the workforce right along would you have a budget baby save the workforce through the lienest save it through sorrow would you help it ride along help it for tomorrow and the america's cup went sailing on the san francisco bay i'm thankful for public comment here and that's -- and this is what i got to say calling america's cup budget to ride along to another budget shore we can sail our lives